We must leave here and find this woman

We have decided that it is time to leave here. We do not know for certain where it is we go. We must go. The next week will see much plans coming together.

This woman calls to all of us. The Butterflies say without her, the story is not complete. so we must find this woman, and we must do so very fast. We believe that safety is not so good.

Of the DNA - Bobbie have the initial results. These are not complete, but they says that indications point to I am family with Plataea! I am family with Kronos! Bobbie say that initial results are "close enough", so I am happy that my family is finally found here with the Butterflies. I will research my family in connection with the Butterflies too. I think maybe my peoples may have been part of this peoples long time ago? Maybe I find more history that I did not know!

Things are beginning to be decided

Bobbie is being good to me. I think she find me attractive, friendly. Can she love me? This I can not say.

We spend long time over last day or two walking in the vineyards, talking. She hear everything I have to say and she truly understand my confused thinking on my history. But I think she not understand as well.

Bobbie is American woman. And Americans not so concerned about family history, I think. She say "So what? You come from people that obviously were good people. I do not mean two thousand years ago. I mean those within your life time. You know the country from which you come. If you are not related to Leonidas, you still have a deep family history that you can be proud of. Be you Aga. Do not worry about who was before Aga. We, I, respect Aga. It does not matter if you are from Leonidas or Gorgo or Rasputin or the Queen of Sheba. You are Aga and we care about you, Aga."

The Queen of Sheba, this make me laugh. Bobbie make me laugh.

I think that I could be happy in this America. I come to know this is important to Bobbie. That a man that wish to be with her, must be happy in her America. She travel and she have the adventure. But she love so many in this America. She have her peoples that she must be with to be happy.

We face great danger in the coming time. Maybe as we comes through this danger, I will be grateful to be in America too. I can not say anything about what is to come. Peoples are certainly watching us, in all ways. Some are friendly, some wishes us dead. We must move with caution, every body here know this.

The Butterflies tell us that the histories, they are open to us. We read so much and know so much. Peoples are now telling us the stories of their families, their lives. We are welcome to be like members of the order. We talk of everythings. Ben is my new brother. Brenda is my new sister. I love these peoples. I love this place. I feel I must leave it soon, or I will stay here forever.

We have all that we came for here. They keep every promise. I must says this again - they keep every promise. More than this I can not say. I promise Bobbie this.

So maybe I am part of Plataea's family

Since it appear that I am not relation to Gorgo and Leonidas, maybe I am relation to Plataea and Leonidas? This is τρελός. It is not that i do not believe. I believe. I do not know where this place my family history. He is named Kronos. I have been Kronos since I was baby. A how you say "nick name." I was born of late time. My momma, she say I am 12 month baby. LOL

The Butterflies are very good to me. They are good to all of us here. We laugh. We cry. We drink the ouzo or the wine. We have
γιορτή. We play, dance and sing music every day. Yet, I am sad. Very, very sad. I think I will be happy soon, once I know who my peoples really are. Bobbie say that I must wait to see what DNA tests say. Maybe, I am not so sad. Maybe I am afraid?

Bobbie say she is working on something big. I can not say. She think maybe we find another of the women. Will this woman too be my family? Maybe she is my family, not anyone we know at this times. ARGGGGHHHH!!!!!

I must go to the bath and think no more.

Such news

I am too over come to talk. Bobbie will be following up, and this I will ask her to say, as I have no words. We find out so much today and there will be more, the Butterflies say.
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So she now comes to talk...

We have seen so many things this past days. Now that Bobbie is again talking to us, the things start to become more real and more mystery all at once. It is like they say, an onion. Peel off ones layer and there is more to see.

It is the same with Bobbie also. I see her in one way, then in more ways. She is strong woman. As they says in my country, "She is good breeding woman." LOL Poor όμορφο κορίτσι, she have too much ouzo and she sleep in so long Saturday that she almost miss  the secrets room. Now it all okay.

We have much to tell, and we may need help. I will say as I can here, but much will be private talk. Bobbie say she has taken care of secret communications. We need this, I think.
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Bobbie is being very quiet

I thinks that someone ask her something and she is now not very talking much. We have been told that there are bodies here. We must wait for the Butterflies to tell us more. I think Bobbie knows more already. I think they tell her something. They say there is something they need of Bobbie too.

She is not speaking to me of it. Ben and the rest say they do not know of it. She is very quiet now. She stay in her room for a couple of days, but she smile when I take her dinner. She seem... I think maybe she is thinking? We must find a new ways to communicate with the world, with peoples reading here. I think a new email will be needed, maybe.

Butterflies are free

It is so wonderful to be at my home again. I see the butterflies all around of me and I am sure that this will be a very good time to find my own history, as well as the history of Gorgo and the necklace.

It is a time to
γιορτάζω! As we arrive here, we are met with so much χαρά and the peoples are so lovely and happy. I am looking forwards to the days ahead. We will find the place where the necklace is, and learn more of the histories. 

I am very tired, yet I am safe and very, very happy to be with my friends in this place.

Waiting for contacts...

This have been a terrible day. I am not family of the body found in the site. The Butterflies, they do not come to help us find the places to go in Greece and Bobbie is, τρελός παραφορά with Sacha.

I see the postings of who I think is the Butterflies, but I can not read thems. Is not safe to says the informations, I understand, but how am I supposed to know what these things says, if I can not yet read thems?

I have the hopes that maybe the Butterflies will tell more of my family histories. If they know of these things about Gorgo, maybe they know where my family come from.

Bad, very bad.......

Word has reached me that one of the Butterflies is killed. They know it is the VG. Everyone is pulled together to fight.

Η εκδίκηση, αλήθεια, αυτά τα πράγματα θα είναι. Η αλήθεια του περιδεραίου, η ιστορία αυτό κρατά. Η εκδίκηση των γυναικών και ο θάνατος μιας πεταλούδας. Δεν θα σταματήσουμε. Η ιστορία πρέπει να ειπωθεί.

Pray with us. We are not safe, but we continues.
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